Development Roadmap

Gothic: the Lion Age is a work in progress, and is constantly being improved.  Gothic has been holding events since 2014, and was in development for several years before that.  As we have learned more through running Events, learning what worked well and noting areas for improvement, new goals have been set and reset to make Gothic the best possible experience for both its players and its Staff.  This page is intended as a window into that process for the community, so that people can see what is currently in development, and some idea of the plan to address it.

Development May 2022

Arcane Magic and Wizards We are currently reworking the Arcane Magic system.  There is a lot to love in the current system, but there were several rough edges and pain points that we wanted to address: The Learning Cliff Arcane magic is somewhat deliberately technical and uses lots of grandiloquent words and terms.  One goal of the previous design was

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