Religion in Luisant

Faiths of Mankind

The Church of Benalus

The Church of Humanity is both fundamental to Luisant and tenuous at the same time. Benalian heroes and saints are prominent in the town’s history and legend. However, there is a general awareness of “other” traditions and ways – and of how many townsfolk don’t attend Convocations and other Benalian rites.

There is currently only one priest in Luisant – Pere Clement. They openly espouse a hardline pacifist stance, discouraging conflict and encouraging cooperation. They are always busy tending to the small chapel, preparing for sermons and rites, and still finding time to speak with the villagers on matters both practical and spiritual. They rely mostly on volunteers to aid with such tasks. Perhaps someday soon, promising and devoted acolytes might walk the path to priesthood.

Convocations are simple affairs, focusing on community over formality. Local saints – from Luisant proper or the overall Lorassaint region – are frequently referenced, and have become associated with the town’s lineages and holidays.

The Circle of Vecatra

The hold of the old ways is far stronger in Luisant than in most places. Vecatrans are still not openly welcomed – to advocate publicly for Vecatran worship invites serious problems, even danger. However, the facade over it is thin. Vecatran traditions have heavily influenced local holidays, even those embraced by the Lion’s Church. Gatherings in the woods are mostly unquestioned, and the wisdom of elders is respected. More information can be found in the Vecatran cultural packet, available to players building Vecatran characters.

Other Faiths

There are tales of the strange worship of the ice-dwelling Njordr and their opposites, the Shariqyn of the desert heat. These are greatly embellished and mostly conjecture. There are no representatives of those faiths in Louisant. The Triumverate is known as an evil force, whose worshippers are supposedly monstrous creatures that might be somewhere in the forest. Benalian and Vecatran alike are wary of such things.