Runeheim Membership Chapter 12 (2-14 July 2024)


Registration for the upcoming event.

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When registering as a player, the first thing you’ll want to do is think about a character concept of your own that excites you. Then go through the character creation process outlined in the game rules. Once you have a character created, or if you need help with the process, send a support ticket and let us know which game you’d like to attend as your first game. We strongly encourage you to also send us a character background that describes your character and their goals, history, and circumstances. This allows us to spend the time before game considering how to best introduce your character to the story so that you can have a smooth and exciting introduction. After that, gather the costume, equipment and supplies you want to use at your first game. Come prepared to have fun!  Please familiarize yourself with the game rules before entering play.