Physical Skills


Physical Skills are those which involve the core physical capabilities of the character, often involving grace and power.

  • Finesse
  • Stealth
  • Mobility


The Finesse skill is proficiency with subtle, graceful, and perfect movement and attention to detail.

Rank 1: Conceal

The character may hide items in secret caches or locations, as well as hide objects on their person.  Any item can be covered in a black cloth with a “Hidden” tag. Such items can only be located by characters with the Vigilance Skill.

Items hidden on one’s person can covered with a black cloth as well and excluded from the results of a Search by someone with the Vigilance Skill.

Rank 2: Legerdemain

The character is a magician with their hands, able to perform feats of nimble artistry that others scarcely notice.  Only characters that are Alert may notice any of these effects.

Legerdemain may be used in the following ways:

  • Cheat at dice – place a number of dice equal to your Finesse showing any face you wish.
  • Cheat at cards – palm and replace a number of extra cards equal to your Finesse.
  • Escape from ropes, manacles, bars or other confinement after 30 seconds of wriggling.

 Rank 3: Throwing

The character’s deft aim means they can throw weaponry with amazing precision.  The character may enter into Footwork any time they have a throwing weapon readied and have not moved their back foot for more than one Beat.

(Read more about Footwork)


The fighter may enter Footwork with a throwing weapon readied and deliver its special attacks through Hits.

  • Footwork may be expended to call Dodge
  • Footwork may be expended to call a Tier 1 Combat Condition (Bleed, Stagger, or Pain) with a successful limb Hit.
  • Footwork may be expended to call a Tier 2 Combat Condition (Winded, Knockdown, or Stun) with a successful torso Hit.

Resolution: Footwork ends when the fighter steps out from it, takes Stagger, or expends it for one of its benefits.

Rank 4: Forgery

The character’s steady hands allow them to perfectly mimic a signature or wax seal, as well as the talent to age paper and other effects to make a document look believable. This produces a perfect replica – no mundane form of detection can find the fault.

If the character has the Literacy ability, they can forge whole letters this way. They may also break and reseal a wax seal binding a letter without damaging it.

 Rank 5: Pickpocket

The character can filch items from other characters with only the barest contact.  If they can place a hand on a character’s costume for one Beat, or if that character closely interacts with them, such as a Grab or a melee encounter, the character can have pickpocketed their target.

At their request (if they don’t wish to do so personally), a Marshal will go to the target after a time and retrieve a random item from any items they may have.  If the player of the pickpocket suggests a specific item they believe they have, the Marshal will take that item specifically. If the item is not there, the attempt fails.  Characters who have been pickpocketed do not notice it missing until the end of the scene. This can also be used to place items on a character, if desired.


The Stealth skill is training in careful balance, concealment and quiet grace that allows the user to remain unseen whether still or moving.

The Stealth Skill interacts heavily with the Stealth Condition, referenced here from the Core Rules.


The character is somewhere nearby, unseen.  Their player crosses their arms in the “Ignore” hand sign, and should be ignored and not interacted with by most game effects.

  • Characters in Stealth can observe without interacting.  Further abilities in the Stealth Skill allow more interaction, including attacks.
  • Stealth is not effective against someone who sees them enter Stealth, so long as line of sight is not broken.   That character may call Reveal against them by interacting with them.

Resolution: The stealthed character is Revealed, or exits Stealth.

(Read more about Game Effects)

Rank 1: Hide

The character may enter the Stealth condition if they can crouch down low and meet any of the following conditions:

  • In deep darkness
  • Against a wall or other large surface
  • Behind at least partial cover, like a table

Once in Stealth, the character may not take any steps or actions, but remains hidden until they do.

 Rank 2: Swoop

While in Stealth, the character may take either three steps or perform a tumble.  If the character ends up in a legal location to enter Stealth per Hide, they may remain in Stealth.

 Rank 3: Murder

The character may attack from Stealth to devastating effect.  Using an Hit or Strike from a weapon no longer than 48”, (which can include arrows or spells) the character may attack from Stealth and add the Stealth Quality to the attack, preventing the use of Parry or Dodge defenses unless the character is also Alert.  

If the character is able to, they may gently place the weapon across an unarmored area of the body, such as the throat before they strike.  Using the Murder ability causes the character to exit Stealth.

 Rank 4: Lurk

Once the character has been in Stealth and unmoving for at least a minute, they are able to find the best possible position for escape and concealment.  The character becomes immune to Reveal and Tracking as long as they do not move, and may escape from the scene at will by using the Ignore sign to leave at least 100 feet away.

 Rank 5: Shadow

Interacting with the environment does not break Stealth.  The character may open, creep through then close a door, remove an unsecured item from a table, even speak out loud, their voice echoing from a difficult to find location.   Reply “Stealth” if challenged by characters whether they see you. Changes to the room may be noticed at the end of the scene. Attacks made from Stealth still reveal the character.



The Mobility skill is training in climbing, running, jumping, acrobatics and other difficult feats of personal movement.  The abilities from the Mobility Skill may only be used in Light Armor or with no armor. Wearing heavy equipment is too strenuous and restrictive for the abilities of this Skill.

 Rank 1: Slip

Able to gracefully move into tight positions without difficulty, the character quickly may go where others cannot.  The character may use the Ignore hand sign when opening or closing doors, able to slip in unnoticed.  Additionally, they may enter or exit rooms through any window large enough to fit through (even if it doesn’t open in real life) and can use the Ignore sign to do so.

In a Trial, the character may bypass any artificial wall not marked as impassable (white tape on the edge), able to quickly maneuver through a space where others cannot.

 Rank 2: Evasion

The character may perform a tumble on the ground in reaction to a Hit that Beat or at any other time.  Doing so grants the character a use of Dodge which must be used that Beat.

 Rank 3: Leap

The character may perform an acrobatic leap, deftly tumbling and moving through and over obstacles.


The character may vault through the air, re-positioning and avoiding damage.

  • Leaping characters hold up the Ignore hand gesture and must immediately move to a new location within three strides while taking no other actions.
  • Any Hits that mistakenly land during a Leap may be resolved with Block.
  • Leap may be used 3 times per Rest.

Refresh: All uses of Leap refresh upon Rest.

 Rank 4: Escape

The character is able to break free of a situation, finding an unlikely route, creating an obstruction, or plainly outrunning pursuers, and can make a dash for freedom. If a character can get 20 feet from their closest pursuer, they may use the Ignore hand gesture to use their speed or surroundings to prevent pursuers from reasonably continuing the chase.  

Those with the same ability may continue the pursuit.

 Rank 5: Poise

The character is powerful and graceful, able to dance in and out of blades, using perfect footwork to turn the enemy’s position against itself and strike like an asp as razors fly.  If the character physically dodges out of the way of an attack, wherein the attack would certainly have hit them if they did not physically move, she gains an immediate Dodge they may use during the same Beat.