Military Units

Military Units

While there are many logistical and strategic factors to account for in the running of a military campaign, the tactical portion of a battle is every bit as important.  The tactical capabilities of an army come down to its Units, the specific roles of its soldiers and what they can accomplish on a battlefield.  A Unit represents a group of around one hundred men or, in the case of cavalry, around fifty horses and fifty men.
A Unit has 3 primary characteristics:  StrengthFortitude, and Speed, as well as further characteristics described with Unit Traits.


A Units offensive power and capacity to outmatch enemy soldiers.  A Unit deals its Strength in damage to the enemy Fortitude every Round.


A combination of a unit’s defensive cohesion and its morale, Fortitude is the amount of punishment the Unit can take before they break and fall back.


Each Speed generates a point of Movement that the Force can use to travel the Campaign Map.  The Force gains Movement equal to it’s slowest Unit. 

Unit Traits

Unit Traits represent the specific tactical advantages that make Units unique.  Every kind of Unit has some Unit Traits that define its usefulness on the battlefield.  If a Unit has the same Unit Trait multiple times, its effects combine.


These Units will ignore the first point of damage from each attack made against it every Round.

Black Powder

These Units will cause two extra damage each round to the Fortitude of its target, as well as 1 damage to friendly units nearby, unless that unit also has the Black Powder Trait.


These Units will discount an Armor Trait of the enemy Unit they are attacking.


If undefended against, this will attack the nearest enemy Unit, starting with the Back Row.  Units that have attacked by a Flanker cannot be attacked again this way this Round.  Instead, additional Flankers will attack the next viable target in the Back Row.  If all Back Row targets have been attacked this way, the additional Flankers target the closest Front Row Unit.


These Units do not count for the sake of Victory or Defeat, do not slide when other Units fall back, and are unaffected by circumstantial bonuses or penalties such as weather, terrain or Chaos of Battle.


These Units immediately safely escape the battle if they are Fleeing.  Units that are Destroyed without Fleeing gain no benefit from Ghost.


Troops with no Battle Experience have this Trait.  These Units lower maximum Strength and Fortitude by one.  This is lost after gaining Battle Experience.


These Units, in addition to their normal attack, will also deal one damage to the enemy Unit’s Fortitude .  This damage bypasses Armor.


If these Units do damage during their normal attack, they will lower the Strength of the enemy Unit they are attacking by one; this is cumulative with further attacks.

A Unit with this trait will ignore its ordinary target if its favored target is available, and attack that instead.  This trait comes in 3 forms:

    • Back Row
    • Specialists
    • Fleeing Units

The new target must be within 3 Vertical or Horizontal range of the Unit with this trait.


After their normal attack, these Units will restore one point of Fortitude to the allied Unit missing the most.  If there is a tie for the most missing it will be given to the nearest one of them.  Rally can restore Fortitude to Fleeing Units.


This Unit targets Fortification Units first if Ranged, as well as gaining double Strength after Terrain and Weather modifiers when attacking Walls.


These units will direct their attack at the enemy Unit with the lowest Fortitude within 2 Vertical or any Horizontal Range of them.  If there is a tie for lowest, then it’ll be the nearest enemy Unit among them.  If there are no healthy enemies, they will target Fleeing units.  
Additional Ranged traits increase Vertical Range by 2.


This Unit is a small team of only a few individuals.  Owing to their small size, their Strength and Fortitude cannot exceed 1, however, their expertise provides a special effect.  Specialists do not require Rations, and are immune to Despair, Fatigue, and Out-of Supply, but will still disband if their Force is annihilated or the rest of its Units disband from such effects.  


After their normal attack, these Units will restore one point of missing Fortitude to themselves.


These Units will strike first in Conflict instead of simultaneously each round.  This Trait is earned after earning 5 Battle Experience.


These Units gain an additional point of Strength.  This Trait is earned by sending an additional Military Weaponry, Bows, or Firearms Supply (as appropriate to the type) to the Unit.


These Units gain 2 additional points of Fortitude.  This Trait is earned by sending an additional Military Armor Supply to the Unit.


The Force gains the Fast condition if every unit in the Force is Mounted.

General Units

 These Units are available to all Commanders capable of Levying Forces.  


(Infantry, Light)
Cost: None
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 4  Speed: 4 
Traits: Lock-Up


(Infantry, Light)
Cost: Military Bows
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 3  Speed: 4
Traits: Ranged


(Infantry, Light)
Cost: Training 
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 2  Speed: 4 
Traits: Ghost

(Infantry, Heavy)

Cost: Military Armor, Military Weaponry
Strength: 2  Fortitude: 5  Speed: 3 
Traits: Armor, Driving


(Cavalry, Light)
Cost: Mounts
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 4  Speed: 4  
Traits: Mounted, Flanking

Shock Cavalry

(Cavalry, Heavy)
Cost: Mounts, Military Armor, Military Weaponry
Strength: 2  Fortitude: 5  Speed: 3  
Traits: Mounted, Flanking, Armor, Driving 


Cost: Special
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 4  Speed: 0  
Traits: Armor, Fortification


Cost: Special
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 7  Speed: 0  
Traits: Armor, Fortification

Military Heritage

Each Culture has it’s own way of fighting and training it’s Units, this is called Military Heritage.  All Units in your Army gain the Cultural Identity based on the Culture they were levied from, Levying as Rogalian Archers, Gothic Spearmen, etc.  In addition to this, Commanders may Levy a specific military unit from the lands of each culture.


Gothic soldiers rapidly set up Fortifications when they make camp, and always behave as if they are Defending one Palisade per Front Line Infantry when under attack.


Rogalian Units are levied already seasoned with 3 Battle Experience.


Dunnick Infantry Units gain +1 Speed and all Light Infantry Units gain an additional 1 Strength.


Hot-blooded Hestralian Units gain an +1 Strength when Attacking. 


Njordic Units ignore the effects of Winter Snows including being able to traverse Mountains safely. All Njord Heavy Infantry Units gain Stalwart. 


Capacian Cavalry Units gain +1 Speed and all Capacian Units ignore the effects of Spring Rains, and the collateral damage of the Black Powder trait.


Shariqyn are used to long treks and desert heat – their Forces are always Fast, and are immune to Summer Heat. 

Cultural Units

These Cultural Units are an extension of the Military Heritage of each culture, and can be levied from Cities that belong to that Culture by paying the listed cost.  The Pontifical state of the Gottreich, controlled directly by Holy Lethia, counts as a separate territory to Gotha.


 Levy (Gotha) Military Weaponry x 2
Strength: 3 
Fortitude: 4  Speed: 4  
Traits: Lock-up, Driving


(Infantry, Light)
Cost: Levy (Gottreich), Training x 2
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 4  Speed: 4  
Traits: Rally, Intimidating


 Levy (Capacionne), Mounts, Military Firearms
Strength: 2 Fortitude3  Speed: 7 
Traits: Flanking, Blackpowder, Mounted


(Infantry, Heavy)
Cost: Levy (Hestralia), Military Weaponry, Training
Strength: 2  Fortitude4  Speed: 4  
Traits: Flanking, Driving



 Levy (Rogalia), Military Bows x 2
Strength: 3  Fortitude3  Speed: 4  
Traits: Ranged, Driving



(Infantry, Light)
Cost: Levy (Sha’ra),  Training x 2
Strength: 2  Fortitude3  Speed: 4  
Traits: Ghost, Intimidating


(Infantry, Heavy)
Cost: Levy (Dunland),  Military Armor, Training
Strength: 1  Fortitude: 5  Speed: 4
Traits: Stalwart, Intimidating


(Infantry, Heavy)
Cost: Levy (Njordr),  Military Armor, Training
Strength: 1  Fortitude5  Speed: 4  
Traits: Armor, Intimidating