The City

The city is the home to all manner of people, animals, structures and ideas. It is the heart of communities throughout the Throne, whether they are but small hamlets with only a few families, or massive sprawls with ancient towers next to modern mechanical bridges.  The unique character of the city is participatory – everyone has an opportunity to invest in the shared collective of human civilization, sharing the same public goods and ills, while becoming wealthy off of the needs of their neighbors that they can fulfill.

Building Construction

 The heart of this participation is in buildings. Over time as visitors and newcomers become residents, they set down roots and invest in the city. Buildings provide a variety of benefits to those people who invest in them. First, however, they must be constructed.


The first thing that must be determined is the location of the building to be. Each building requires one or more empty Lots to be the spot where the construction will occur. See below for a current map of the city and to find a prospective empty Lot to build. Each Lot will be in one of the various Districts of the city, and each District is the province of a specific District Magistrate, characters charged with the rulership of these specific areas of the city. (See Rulership for more details on Districts and District Magistrates).


While not physically required for construction, the law nonetheless requires the permission from the district’s Magistrate to begin construction. Generally a Magistrate will grant permission to build in a lot within their district if the builder agrees to an ongoing tax of some kind based on the expected benefit from the property.  What this tax is and how it is collected is between the Magistrate and their client, but usually is some portion of the goods or revenue from that property that is considered not burdensome.  Building without such permission is certainly possible, but will probably incur other kinds of repercussions from the city’s ruling faction.


The materials for a given project are listed for each. These materials are in terms of “Supply Units” which are a class of commodities gathered and prepared by the most skilled of gatherers.

(Read more about Gathering Skills)

These materials must be assembled and ready before construction can begin, which then requires an appropriate amount of Labor.


Labor is used as the final step to assembling and building a construction project.  Any character can produce 1 point of Labor by using the “Labor” Downtime Action.  All but the smallest buildings require more than one point of Labor to be spent, which can come either all at once from multiple characters or over a long time.

Aside from Labor produced by characters using Downtime Actions, the population of the city can also be directed to perform Labor on projects by Rulers.

(Read more about Rulership)


Finally, once a building has been fully constructed, it must be staffed by characters that operate it day to day and utilize it to produce goods, do business, run the shows, or whatever else the building was designed to do.  While a building is not staffed, it cannot produce its listed effects, and does not produce Virtue or Vice for the City.

(Read more about Virtues and Vices)

Any character that meets the listed requirements can staff a building and operate it. Learning to perform the work requires that a single Downtime be spent training and learning procedures.  Once that is done, the building is Staffed by that character until they decide not to. This does not take up any further Downtime actions, but a character can only Staff one thing at a time.  Like the permission steps above, Staffing a building usually involves negotiating some kind of payment from the owner of the building to the character that is staffing it on an ongoing basis, but the nature of that relationship is up to those characters to define.

Rulers also can Staff buildings by directing the population of the city to do that work.

Building Types

There are several kinds of buildings, each with their own listed effect.  Below the table, more detail on specific types is presented.

BlasphemyGodlessnessDepravityLumberIron BeamsStone SlabsLthr BundlesRationsCanvasLabor CostHousingEffectsRequirementClassRooms
Neighborhood21Residing here gives Grit -1
Slums321222111Residing here gives Grit -2; Train Streetwise, Light Weapons, Intimidate, Finesse and Stealth.
Hellhole454355245Residing here gives Grit -3; Train Streetwise, Light Weapons, Intimidate, Finesse and Stealth.
Townhouse11111121410Good Qualtiy residenceN/A1
Estate211123131132412610Residents gain +2 Streetwise resistance and are not subject if there is a Disease OutbreakEttiquete 3Gentry3
Residents may Train Firearms, Hunting, Morale, Engineering, Seduce, Persuade, Intimidation, Temptation, Performance, or Etiquette; Residing here gives Grit -1. Capacians lose 1 Despair each Downtime.
Firearms, Hunting, Engineering, Morale, Any Social Skill 2
Pub412323323211362336Residents may Train Brawl, Heavy Weapons, Survival, Mining, Apothecary; Residing here gives Grit -1. Duns lose 1 Despair each Downtime.Brawl, Heavy Weapons, Survival, Mining, Apothecary 2Player1
Circus423322233235336Residents may Train Mercantalism, Mobility, Temptation, Light Weapons, Needlework; Residing here gives Grit -1. Hestrali lose 1 Despair each Downtime.
Mercantalism, Mobility, Temptation, Light Weapons, Needlework 2
Meadhall412222214242324Residents may Train Survival, Grit, Intimidate, Performance, Arming Weapons; Residing here gives Grit -1. Njords lose 1 Despair each Downtime.
Survival, Grit, Intimidate, Performance, Arming Weapons 2
Bard’s College41111122122823448Residents may Train Archery, Etiquette, Blacksmithing, Courage, Morale; Residing here gives Grit -1. Rogalians lose 1 Despair each Downtime.Archery, Etiquette, Blacksmithing, Courage, Morale 2Player1
Caravanserai422341121352436Residents may Train Academics, Mercantalism, Brawl, Persuasion, Apothecary Residing here gives Grit -1. Shariqyn lose 1 Despair each Downtime.
Academics, Mercantalism, Brawl, Persuasion, Apothecary 2
Market44421213932458Can build small shops as stalls. Train Mercantalism, Vigilance, Academics, Temptation, or any Crafting Skill.
Mercantalism 5, Vigilance 2, Academics 2, a Crafting Skill at 2
Foundry1221311122May convert 50 Soft Iron or 25 Hard Iron into Iron Beams. Up to 10 times per Chapter.Blacksmithing 2Peasant1
Sawmill1221311122May convert 50 Softwood or 25 Hardwood into Lumber. Up to 10 times per Chapter.Carpentry 2Peasant1
Tannery122131222May convert 50 Scrap Leather or 25 Thick Leather into Leather Hide Bundles. Up to 10 times per ChapterHunting 2Peasant1
Quartermaster1221311212May convert 50 Vegetables or 25 Meat into 1 Ration. Up to 10 times per Chapter.Farming 2Peasant1
Weaver1221311212May convert 50 Hemp or 25 Wool to 1 Canvas. Up to 10 times per Chapter.Needleworking 2Peasant1
Refinery1221311212May convert 100 Coal or Charcoal to 1 Fuel. Up to 10 times per Chapter.Carpentry 2Peasant
Arena42344532144225611124512Train any Combat Skill; Fighters may do battle in the arena to bring in coin based on their Skills, but it incurs Risk.Any Combat 4, Mercantalism 3Merchant0
Shop1111112114May sell items at a given rate. Mercantalism 1Merchant1
Tavern1121111312410Public space to sell services and lodging.Mercantalism 1Merchant3
Mint11224314683210Allows the free converting of Precious Metal bars to coins on an 1:10 basis; Reduces Merchant Gravity decline by 5, Gentry Gravity decline by 3 (First mint only)Mercantalism 5Merchant0
For each artifact with a strong tie to the city’s story, the Museum recovers 1 Gravity decline for all classes. Only the best Museum in the city counts. Museums have a space on the website to show their exhibits.
Academics 4, Performance 1Gentry0
Warehouse21112122326Stores 500 items or 50 Supply Units.Grit 2Merchant2
Asylum1242121358221010Residents lose their Downtime and lose -2 Grit, lose 1 Insanity level.Academics 3, Persuade 3, Sincerity 3, Intimidate 3Gentry2
Brewery112111124Input 100 Vegetebles, create 10 casks of Beer per ChapterApothecary 1Merchant0
Glassworks11221254Input 1 Fuel, create 50 Glass per ChapterGlazierMerchant1
Papermill111212111214Input 1 Canvas, create 50 Sheafs of Paper per ChapterPapermillingMerchant1
Cooper11311113216Input 1 Lumber, create 50 Barrels per ChapterCarpentry 2Merchant1
Can maintain the population and health of messenger ravens for 10 locations throughout the world. Return mail is received at the Rookery. Only Rookery Rooms may be built here
Survival 2N/A1
Stockyard4121222213222Acts as a Plains to create a Sheep or Pig Farm. Cannot exceed Quality 2.Farming 2Peasant1
Theater222232311632328Generates Contracts for Performances. May determine which play is on per Chapter, and citizens of the city all know this story.Performance 3, Mercantalism 1Merchant1
Kennel1211113714As long as it is supplied with Sausages, produces 1 Dog per Chapter for use in work.Hunting 2Peasant
Waterfront43532311714438Only every other Population gain causes Gravity decline. Adds Scum Gravity. Requires Coastline.Mercantalism 3Merchant4
Fisherman’s Pier1111112114Produces 10 Meat per Chapter. Requires Coastline.Survival 2Peasant0
Shipyard444422151010414Allows the construction of naval vessels for Travel and WarfareCarpentry 4Merchant
Church223211113273110Place of spiritual worship and preaching. Upgrades to Cathedral.Priest Rank 1Player3
Cathedral4114641113117156836The seat of a Bishop, able to be sanctified to one of the Archangels.Priest Rank 3 Player5
Guildhall213311111533118The offices of a powerful commercial organization. Upgrades to Great GuildhallN/A5
Great Guildhall4154411111181285618Guildhall with the space for great enterprises.N/A10
Bureau124231111121214The office of a District Magistrate. May generate 3 of any Virtue for 6 of the appropriate Vice.Academics 2Player1
Classroom11111113114A book can be used for Instruction by up to 5 people. Upgrades to Academy.Academics 2Gentry0
Academy212112224331110Contains 4 Classrooms. Upgrades to University.Academics 4, Morale 2Gentry1
College4231233144111331014238324Contains 10 Classrooms; Classes taught at the University benefit from an additional -1 xp bonus.Academics 5, Morale 3Gentry3
Military Garrison424111111121323128Houses 5 Units within the city without them being treated as Scum. Upgrades to Military Training Ground.Morale 2Gentry1
Military Training Grounds
43513222121210352214Garrisoned units gain one Battle Experience per Chapter in additional training and drills toward Veteran status.Morale 2, Academics 2Gentry2
Civic Monument11115478The creator may describe the monument and what it represents. Citizens of the city will know this story.N/A0
Manor21111111112212512431210Rulership Headquarters. Comes prebuilt with facilities. Upgrades to Castle.Player7
Train Arming Weapons, Etiquette, Academics, Intimidation, Morale. Creates a fallback point for the military defense of the city to have a second battle with 3 Fortifications. Provides 2 levels of Streetwise Protection to residents.
Upgrades to Palace.
Arming Weapons, Etiquette, Academics, Intimidation, Morale 2
Palace855523223214330203710136220As Castle; Provides 3 levels of Streetwise Protection to residents.
Arming Weapons, Etiquette, Academics, Intimidation, Morale 3
Granary1111112366212Securely stores up to 250 Rations or 1000 Food unitsFarming 2Merchant0
Graveyard22111113514Holds 5 Population of dead citizens. Will become Haunted first. Grit 2Peasant0
Necropolis4435222649222Holds 20 Population of dead citizens. Will become Haunted first. Grit 2, Zeal 3Player0
Dump11512218Keeps refuse from the streets. Any 1 crude item can be found per Chapter.Grit 2Peasant0
Well11112638Population will spring up near wells before spreading to the rest of the District.n/aN/A0
Cistern113111214Stores clean water. n/aN/A0
Gallows113641214226When ending Dissent with Law, prevents that faction from reforming for 1 year.Intimidate 2Gentry0
Prison2334312277155316May indefinitely jail up to 20 characters.Intimidate 2Merchant0
Guard Station1111211134Automatically provides Muscle 3 to prevent crime in adjacent lots.Intimidate 2Merchant0
Guard Headquarters2222126362212Acts as a Guard Station. All Guard Stations in the District gain +1 cummulative Muscle.Intimidate 2, Morale 2Gentry0
Magician’s Towers422433335212684518Headquarters for a single Guild of Magicians.Magician Circle 2Player5
Magician’s Spires422554335212101571032A mighty symbol of a Magician Guild’s dominance in the region and the home of powerful sorcerers.Magician Circle 2Player15
Bakery1121121214Receives Flour from a Mill to create bread. +5 PerishablesFarming 1, Performance 1Peasant1
Delicatessen1121113114Receives Flour and Sausages to create meals +10 PerishablesFarming 1, Performance 1Peasant1
Butcher Shop1121122114Receives Sausages to create meals. +5 Perishables.Farming 1, Light Weapons 1Peasant1
Cheesemonger1121121124Receives Dairy to create cheese. +5 Perishables.Farming 1, Performance 1Peasant1
Confectioner1121121124Receives Honey, Flour, Dairy, Oil, Eggs, Jam to create luxuries. +15 Parishables. Removes 5 Gentry Decline.Farming 1, Performance 2Gentry1
Meadery112112224Receives Honey to make mead. +5 Perishables.Farming 1, Performance 2Peasant1
Oil PressHemp Farm11212Produces Oil from Hemp Farm.Farming 1Peasant
Vegetable Farm
11212Produces Flour from Vegetable Farm.Farming 1Peasant
Fruit PressOrchard11212Produces Jam from Orchard.Farming 1Peasant
ApiaryLogging Camp11212Produces Honey from Logging CampFarming 1Peasant
SmokehousePig Farm11212Produces Sausages from Pig FarmFarming 1Peasant
Poultry CoopHunter’s Camp11212Produces Eggs from Hunter’s CampFarming 1Peasant
DairySheep Pasture11212Produces Dairy from Sheep RanchFarming 1Peasant
Hunting RunHunter’s Camp1111Allows a Dog to be used with Hunting, granting 1 additonal Downtime output when used. Requires feed.
PlowshedFarm2111Allows a Horse to be used on Hemp Farms, Vegetable Farms or Orchards, granting 1 additional Downtime output when used. Requires feed.
MonasteryMountain11715562010Train Zeal or +1 MasteryZeal 3, Survival 2, Academics 2Player
Fortress MonasteryMountain14818683615Train Zeal, Any Combat Skill, or +1 Mastery. Suitable for Invention.
Produces 5 Fortifications
Zeal 3, Survival 2, Academics 5, Any Combat Skill 4Abbot
Grand LaboratoriumMountain10121856364Train Exoterics, Curricular Esoterics andTechniques. Suitable for Invention.Academics 5Dean
Built as Farming Village, Mining Village or Forest Village. Allows Villager Allies using Folkwise. Provides 5 Supply units in taxes to the Treasury. Training: Archery, Zeal, Grit, Survival, the appropriate Gathering skill
Roadsn/a1010Reduces Risk for travelers and reduces Movement cost of terrain by 1 (Min 0) for Warfaren/an/a
VinyardHills6545410Produces Wine on a regular aging schedule. May produce 100 Wine per Chapter or 10 Fine Wine per Chapter.Apothecary 3Gentry
Hill or Mouintain
11720342010Produces 5 FortificationsMorale 2, Arming Weapons 2Gentry
Command PostAny23233Allows the stationing of a Specialist Commander Agent
Corpse Heap5436The heaped up, unburried dead. Invites disease and flesh-eating monsters.
Ruin121122106The long forgitten ruins of some lost people. Increases Maleficarum when destroyed.


The most common kind of building that makes up a city is the housing.

Characters with no place to live are itinerant and destitute, unable to keep their affairs in order enough to take Downtime Actions.

Characters who want to settle in and make progress on their goals during the Downtime must find Housing.  This might be an Inn owned by another character, or can be any existing public Housing area such as a Neighborhood.  Depending on the quality of the Housing, the character may enjoy certain benefits or penalties.  Some buildings, such as Taverns, have good quality Housing available as part of the structure and can accept boarders.

Living within a City Building confers access to its Rooms and other resources, and some locations grant other benefits to those that live there.  


Training buildings are places that are designed as excellent places to perform and practice a specific set of Skills. As long as the character has permission to use the services there (usually by paying the requested fee), they may perform a Training Downtime action.  Training grants 1 free bonus Experience Point toward (and only toward) increasing the ranks of that Skill. 

Training Buildings are usually found in Foreign Quarters.

Foreign Quarter

Foreign Quarters actually spring up around one specific community building, such as a Meadhall or a Circus.  While the building itself takes only a modest amount of space, it becomes truly successful when there is space around it for the cultural community to move there and make their home with the rest of their people, creating a Foreign Quarter.  Foreign Quarters are places where that culture is celebrated and uplifted, or sometimes simply where an undesirable ilk can be ghettoized.   Nonetheless, the first central building remains the important fixture that unifies that community.


Commercial buildings are a place of business for certain kinds of craftspeople and service performers. Each such building, when operating, has a fixed input that it takes once per Chapter, identical to a Contract (see Trade Guilds) to produce a specific output, usually in the form of currency. For example, a Tailor’s Shop may be able to take 1 Merchant Outfit and 2 Peasant Outfits each Chapter and produce an output to the owner of 8 silver. A Brothel takes a Skill instead of a physical good, and might require a Downtime spent of at least Seduce 3, and produce an output of 3 silver.

Civic Buildings

Some projects mostly benefit the city as a whole rather than the individual owner of that building, and are generally then built by the city’s Ruler and its Ruling Faction to support their aims. Such buildings generally provide benefits on a city level, and are funded and staffed by the Rulership.


Perishables are a special kind of food production that is made by refining more base commodities like Vegetables and Meat into food production that can support a greater amount of population, but is unfit to travel or be resold long term. These buildings operate in conjunction with another food resource such as a Farm, and provide a specific amount of Perishables, each unit feeding one unit of Population passively so long as it and its linked food resources are operational.  Each city can only benefit from each type of Perishable once.

Trade Guild Halls

Guild Halls and Magician Towers are special buildings that are designed to support the operations of major enterprises such as Trade Guilds and Magicians. These buildings have specialized interiors that are suitable for specific kinds of special upgrades to help those groups gain new abilities and advantages. These sometimes require a great deal of staffing to keep operational, but are optimistically worth the effort and expense to do so.

City Upgrades

Some large-scale projects affect the city as a whole.  Once created, they apply their effect in every District of the City, and their ongoing maintenance and expansion is automatically incorporated into the City’s practice from there forward, even if the City gets larger.  

NameSecurityOrderFearFinanceTradeEfficiencyFaithHopeTraditionSubversionScornAbuseSpoilSqualorDegradationBlasphemyGodlessnessDepravityLumberIron BeamsStone SlabsLthr BundlesRationsCanvasLabor CostRestrictionEffect
City Wall462255050
Adds 2 Fortifications to the City
Lanterns44422412Requires Oil.
Adds Fortificaiton to the City
Paved Streets3331818
All Labor must come from Ordained Priests
All Priests in the City perform Rituals as if they were 1 Rank higher, to a maximum of 4.
Sewer System1561224650


Demolishing and Expanding

Demolishing existing buildings clears up space and salvages some of the resources used in the original construction.  It costs half of the original Labor to demolish a building, and this reclaims half of the original materials.  As well, some buildings list that they may be upgraded into an improved version in the form of another building.  In these cases, the only the difference in costs between the two buildings must be paid, though if the new building requires more space, that space must be made available first.


Many buildings have some kind of upgrades or additional expansions that can be built into the structure to increase their effectiveness or add new abilities. Some buildings, such as Guild Halls, Magician Towers, Churches and other buildings, rely heavily on these upgrades and have specialized enhancements that can only be built in those structures, while other buildings can have many different kinds of more general improvements.

While the buildings themselves are built with these improvements are built by producing specific Furnishings through smaller scale commodities. The specific upgrade can be added as soon as the Furnishings are installed, though some upgrades require Staffing of their own just like a normal building to use.


Furnishings are required to add new functions to buildings.  They always require a free Room to place them in, and come in five different forms.

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Profession
Bedding FurnitureFrame Padding x 10 Planks x 10 Lining x 3 Carpentry
Storage FurnitureFrame Bracing x 10   Blacksmithing
Decor FurnitureFrame Linen x 10  Dye x 5 Paneling x 5 Needlework
Work FurnitureFrame Planks x 10  Bracing x 5  Carpentry
Seating FurnitureFrame Padding x 10 Paneling x 5  Needlework

General Rooms

Each room is comprised of different combinations of Furnishings in order to create them.  Many rooms can be created in any structure, and some may only be created within specific buildings. 

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
LoftBedding Furniture   Good housing for 1 person.
RecordsStorage Furniture   Literate characters may Staff the building or one specific other Room without spending a Downtime action to do so.
StudySitting FurnitureWork Furniture  Allows one person to read two books instead of one with a Learning Downtime. Bookworm does not combine with this.
Rookery RoomWork FurnitureStorage Furniture  Maintains the health and stock of messenger ravens to one location.
Guard PostSitting FurnitureStaffing: Intimidate 2/Merchant  Automatically protects this building with Muscle 3. +1 for each additional Guardhouse
Practice RoomWork Furniture   Training for any one Skill

Shop Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
Workshop (Specific)Work FurnitureStorage Furniture  Allows for Mass Production Downtime Action.
StoreroomStorage Furniture   Stores 100 items

Market Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
Shop StallSitting FurnitureStorage Furniture  Produces a Shop Contract.

Tavern Rooms

Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Upgrade
Brothel Bedding Furniture Bedding Furniture Decor Furniture Staffing: Seduce 2, Perform 2/Merchant Customers lose a Despair, and gain Venial Lust. Staff gains Mortal Lust.
Small Brewery Work Furniture Storage Furniture   Staffing: Apothecary 1/Merchant Input 10 Vegetables for 20 Casks of Beer
Taproom Sitting Furniture Decor Furniture     Customers can spread 2 Rumors. Produces Alcohol contracts.
Dormitory Bedding Furniture Bedding Furniture Bedding Furniture   Adds 5 Residence Capacity
Concierge Sitting Furniture Staffing: Streetwise 2, Etiquette 1/Merchant     Residents gain 2 Streetwise privacy.
Kitchen Work Furniture Storage Furniture Staffing: Performance 1/Merchant   If receiving Any 2 of grain, sausage, dairy, or eggs, residents are fed. City Perishables + 5
Stage Sitting Furniture Sitting Furniture Sitting Furniture   Generates a Performance contract that benefits the owner.
Penthouse Bedding Furniture Decor Furniture Decor Furniture Sitting Furniture High Quality Housing for 1. Resident gains +1 Streetwise privacy and +1 Grit against Disease infection.
Thieves’ den Sitting Furniture Work Furniture     Allows the Staffing of one Outlaw Agent


Warehouse Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
PorterWork FurnitureStorage FurnitureStaffing: Grit 2/Peasant Automatically refills shop storage from warehouse
Bursar’s OfficeSitting FurnitureStorage FurnitureStaffing: Academics 2, Sincerity 3, Encryption Focus Allows the writing of Bursar’s Notes for other Bursaries in its network, and a teller for day to day transactions.

Church Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
CloisterSitting FurnitureBedding FurnitureDecor Furniture 1 user loses their Downtime, atones for a Depravity.
LibrarySitting FurnitureStorage FurnitureStorage Furniture Allows the Research of all non-rare Exoterics.  Requires a Librarian.
RectoryBedding FurnitureBedding FurnitureDecor Furniture Provides good housing for 3.
OssuaryStorage FurnitureStorage FurnitureStorage FurnitureDecor FurnitureStores up to 5 Population of the Dead
PulpitSitting FurnitureDecor Furniture  Users may spread one Rumor but with their name attached.
RefectoriumSitting FurnitureStorage FurnitureStaffing: Sincerity 2, Zeal 1/Merchant If provided with any 3 of Grain, Eggs, Sausage, or Dairy, returns 1 Scum to Peasant per Chapter.
OrphanageBedding FurnitureBedding FurnitureBedding FurnitureStaffing: Academics 2, Zeal 1/MerchantOnce per Chapter Scum are not created from deaths
PresbyterySitting FurnitureWorking Furniture  Allows the Staffing of one Scholarly Agent

Cathedral Rooms

Staffing an Iconostasis counts as Staffing for the Cathedral
ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Material 5Upgrade
Iconostasis of LurianImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of LurianStaffing: Lurihim BishopThe Cathedral serves as a hospital and residents of this District do not suffer from disease infection.
Iconostasis of MithrielImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of MithrielStaffing: Mithrihim BishopThe Cathedral is a sanctuary for warriors. Every unit garrisoned in this District provides 1 Reich Orthodoxy and gains an Edge in Warfare.
Iconostasis of SepharianImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of SepharianStaffing: Sepharahim BishopThe Cathedral is a bastion against Heresy. No Blasphemy is counted in this District.
Iconostasis of CyanielImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of CyanielStaffing: Cyanahim BishopThe Cathedral helps coordinate the city’s activities.  The number of Virtues needed to produce Reich Virtues is reduced by 2.
Iconostasis of NuranielImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of NuranahimStaffing: Nuranahim BishopThe Cathedral is a sanctuary against evil and drives out the wicked. This District cannot be affected by Malefactor, Haunting, or other Malefic effects.
Iconostasis of MelandielImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of MelandielStaffing: Melandahim BishopThis Cathedral serves the poor and the broken. Slums and Hellholes in this District do not produce Vice.
Iconostasis of ZurielImagiferDecor FurnitureSitting FurnitureLevel 5 Artistic Depiction of ZurielStaffing: Anyone with 0 DepravityThis Cathedral is a quiet, lonely place to worship. People sometimes go to these Cathedrals to pray for what they know is impossible, but righteous.
PresbyterySitting FurnitureWorking Furniture   Allows the Staffing of one Scholarly Agent

Guildhall Rooms

Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Upgrade
Workshop (Specific) Work Furniture Storage Furniture Allows for Mass Production Downtime Action.
Artisan Bench (Specific) Work Furniture Work Furniture Staffing: Specific Craft 1 One master can be assisted to create 3 Masterworks in this workshop instead of 1.
Front-End Counter Sitting Furniture Storage Furniture Staffing: Mercantile 2/Merchant Acts as a Shop Stall.
Storeroom Storage Furniture Stores 100 items
Office Sitting Furniture Work Furniture Allows the Staffing of one Merchant Agent.

Bureau Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
Public RelationsSeating FurnitureDecor Furniture Staffing: Sincerity 2, Etiquette 2/GentryBureau use produces 1 less of the appropriate Vice or 1 more of the Virtue

Manor/Castle/Palace Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
ChambersSitting FurnitureWork Furniture  Allows the Staffing of Military Agents

ACademy/College Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Upgrade
DepartmentSitting FurnitureWork Furniture  Allows the Staffing of Scholarly Agents
LibrarySitting FurnitureStorage FurnitureStorage Furniture Allows the Research of all non-rare Exoterics.  Requires a Librarian.

Magician Tower Rooms

ItemMaterial 1Material 2Material 3Material 4Material 5Upgrade
Laboratorium VulgarisSitting FurnitureDecor FurnitureWork FurnitureDidactic Crystal Lens ArrayGeometrographic Transcription ToolsSpace for 1 Magician. Research produces 3 Spellwork
Laboratorium ExcultusStorage FurnitureDecor FurnitureWork FurnitureElectrum Thyristor ConfigurationCatalytic Condensation ChamberSpace for 1 Magician. Research produces 5 Spellwork
Laboratorium MagnusSitting FurnitureDecor FurnitureWork FurnitureKairotic Containment ContraptionEschatological Focal GemSpace for 1 Magician. Research produces 7 Spellwork
Laboratorium ExpansionSitting FurnitureDecor FurnitureWork Furniture  2 Additional Magicians may use the Laboratorium at once. May be built twice.
Librarium NovitiusSitting FurnitureDecor FurnitureStorage Furniture  Acts as a Library, and contains the Circle 1 Spellbooks and Curriculum.  Requires a Librarian.
Librarium PetitorSitting FurnitureDecor FurnitureStorage Furniture  Librarium NovitiusRequires the Librarium Novitius. Contains the Circle 2 Spellbooks and Curriculum.  Requires a Librarian.
Librarium DominusSitting FurnitureDecor FurnitureStorage Furniture  Librarium PetitorRequires the Librarium Petitor. Contains the Circle 3 Spellbooks and Curriculum.  Requires a Librarian.
Personal CellsBedding FurnitureBedding FurnitureDecor FurnitureSitting Furniture Adds Good Housing for 5 Magicians.
SanctumSitting FurnitureWork Furniture   Allows the Staffing of one Scholar Agent.