The Surewind Company

Of the various guilds that sprung up in Vißvind, none have been more successful than the Surewind Company. It was one of the few guilds that managed to escape the scandals of the clan’s collusion with the Rime Clans. The guildmaster of the time was also a proud, outspoken follower of Benalus. The Surewind Company owes much of its success to this foundation of good reputation. The guild has survived for generations and has gone on to establish trade with every country of the Throne. It’s influence has grown great enough that its operation plays a significant role in the local politics of the area.

Notable Members:

Guildmaster: Jørgen the Magnate
Jørgen was groomed from birth to succeed his father as master of the Surewind Company. Even as a child, Jørgen demonstrated an abundance of ambition to succeed in life. Before he’d even begun to shave, he was already working closely with his father within the guild. Jørgen is known to be a stern, frank, and serious man, as well as a master of business. The guild, and through it, the city, have prospered so much under his direction that he has come to be branded, “The Magnate”.

Officer: Linnéa the Prodigy
Linnéa is the wife of Guildmaster Jørgen. She comes from a well-off merchant family in Vißvind. Linnéa herself rose to being the guildmistress of the local textiles guild at a young age, showing an aptitude for the merchant lifestyle impressive even to the elite. This earned her the brand of “Prodigy”. After marring into the Surewind family, she stepped down from the textiles guild, and went on to work closely with her husband in running the Company.

Officer: Viggo Jørgenson
Viggo is the eldest son of Guildmaster Jørgen. He is reputed to be both a frivolous debauchee and an effective businessman. Viggo is expected to supersede his father as Master of the guild. He is not yet Branded.

Officer: Mille
Mille was born a peasant, but married into the merchant class. Despite her low upbringing, she has been effective and driven in her work for the guild. She became an officer after many years of loyal service. She is known to be sharp, articulate, and reliable. She is not yet Branded.

Officer: Nils
Nils is a cousin of Guildmaster Jørgen. He was raised to be a sailor, but demonstrated an strong aptitude for business as well. He apprenticed under Linnéa, and eventually came to be a respected officer in his own right. He is known to be friendly and fair, but steadfast. He is not yet Branded.