MoC Decree- Lumber and Forestry

(Posted and cried about town in various forms)

Let it be known that gathering wood of any kind within the Stragosa parcel is hereby forbidden until further notice.

-Master of Coin, Bakara.

(OOC- That is to say, the Forest nodes of Parcel 71 are off limits)

Mechanical Advantage 13: Inertia.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

So many people had argued that with him over the years, not understanding the bevy of nuance that existed in their world. People, at the hearts, were just well-meaning objects, and they tended to do whatever they had always done until someone forced them to do otherwise. Then there was a general outcry, and a scramble to defend what had been before without truly gauging the merit of the proposed change. The laws that governed all known bodies applied so beautifully to people that it was nearly ironic in its wonder.

More and more of his time was being pulled away by side projects, these days. Reviewing contracts. Approving tax rates. Assisting with land parcel development. Getting married. It was a wonder that he had time to think at all. Gone were the days-that-never-were of being able to blissfully sit carefree and think for hours on end. To mentally turn the world on its axis to examine a new idea or question an assumed reality. No, no, he was an honest man of this strange new faith in an old decayed city.

The tavern was noisy these days. Too noisy. His apprentices wanted for work, and he hadn’t time to direct them like he used to. So the other ones drank the day away, or caroused with the Hestrali strumpets about town while the youngest doodled in the corner. Jehanne had taken to them, at least, in her bright smiled way.

Such a smile.

An agitated puff of smoke left his lips and bounced off the confining wall opposite him. The one remaining room in his world that was firmly his, the quiet study at the top of the Metalli Guildhall. Below him, he could hear the work of hammers and saws, improved for efficiency by his own design. If he sat long enough, he even believed he could hear the bellow of Borso echoing off the halls. The old miner had proven to be an exceptional investment, but if the equally old Engineer was being honest, the Metalli hadn’t felt the same since Thorn had departed. She had been the… heart of them.

He sighs and turns the page of his weathered tome.

It was strange how long the winter had felt. The Cappacian beauty wrapped in his sheets, the warmth of her filling the room nearly to bursting. A genuine laugh before eyes hungry for answers latched onto him. She had a way of drawing him deeper and deeper into her wants. Before long, she’d have wrung every answer she could ever desire from him. What a blissful prison he had built. Soft and pale and witty. A small part of him wondered when this young lady would tire of so… grumpy a companion. Odd that his mind hadn’t turned towards its usual routes.

He cough a hurrumph of scented smoke into the room and turns another unread page.

It promised to be a busy Spring, he could already hear the clamor of the city as it slowly roused itself from the lethargy of Winter. Soon construction would begin. Soon he would find time to touch his quill to paper and allow the creations to flow. Soon the carefully set pieces would form the desires he wished.

The key to inertia was to account for the forces that would draw away energy, not to invest more energy. A smile touched his lips as his eyes turned to the book again. Another few hours of solitude wouldn’t harm anyone.

Stragosa Economic Plan, Year 604

Good evening Lords and Ladies. There are a variety of topics that I wish to discuss with you, so I will be as brief as the gravity of these matters allow.

The first item to discuss shall be the taxation of Land Parcels. Those born to the upper classes, upon assuming the lands entitled them, will be beholden to the taxation of the Reich. Current taxation on Land Parcels shall be 20 silver coins, plus 10% of all gathered goods (be they from Villages or industrious individuals or Guilds) to be paid Seasonally. Coin may be paid, instead, by the supporting of House Heidrich via influence and favorable words. We are aware of certain Agents in the Valley that may ease the passing of Influence should they be so swayed to assist. Further, this influence needn’t be paid directly by the noble in question, simply on their behalf by another organization (a parent to the House, or a friendly Organization). As a further effort to allow those of noble birth to build on these rich lands, the first year of taxes may be suspended (though they are still accrued) so that these liquid funds might be directly reinvested. Further, the city may be able to support loans on a case-by-case basis to those with proper plans in place.
These numbers are historically low, but should there be concern on being able to meet these humble necessities, please direct yourself to Sir Sanguine of the White Lions. He has a keen head for numbers and a friendly disposition.

Land Parcel taxes will be evaluated every Winter for the following year.

The second item are Guild Charters. This has been a troubling topic for many, but I believe I have come to a compromise. Previously our estimation of guilds were, evidently, too draconian, so we have elected to create two categories of guild- Junior and Proper. To qualify for a Junior Guild, you need only a master of a given Trade, to pay your dues, and attempt to supply Stragosa with what it needs. Proper Guilds will require an organization sufficient to house city level Agents (though they don’t need to have any), a Master within their ranks, and the ability to furnish all the needs of Stragosa. Either charter has the same fee, and both entitle you to privileged pricing on city goods (though Juniors may not buy land- see below) and both grant you a monopoly on your Trade (though Junior contracts only receive first right of refusal on city contracts).
The price for Guild Charters is 20 silver coins, plus 10% of all city-guaranteed contracts (required on all contracts valued at 100 silver coins or more) to be paid seasonally. Junior Charters need to be renewed each Season, proper Guilds are renewed annually.

Third, we come to an exciting new topic- land ownership for those not born to the nobility. After much research in Law and tradition, we have found no barrier to those not born of nobility to owning some modest stretch of land. Within each District there are Lots and these Lots may be purchased to do with as you wish. The process will be simple- find the master of coin or a magistrate within whose district you wish to build and present a building you desire. Lots will have a set price (see below) and the fee will be paid to the magistrate directly. Staffing this building is your concern, though many Magistrates will assist with this for a modest fee.
Each Lot will be subject to an annual tax, currently valued at 1 silver per lot per year. This rate will be evaluated each Winter, but should be stable soon.

Our fourth item is also exciting. Our beloved Reichgrafin has decreed that Stragosa should sit as an equal among the other great cities of the world. Towards that end, we will be beginning a series of public works. It is our fervent hope to have a functional Sewer, Street Lanterns, Moat, and Paved Roads by the end of the year. Further, we are in early discussions with our much revered Church to sanctify the whole of the city. Coupled with our robust farming program and ruin-removal, we are all very hopeful for future prospects here.
For those who are particularly adept at generating Labor, or just wishing to lend a hand, please contact your local magistrate or the MoC to see where you might be of most assistance. Efforts will be rewarded for these projects.

Each Season the Master of Coin will be posting a list of commodity goods that it will deal in with a price listed a purchasing, selling, and privileged prices. The city will ‘purchase’ goods in exchange for city-wide rents, taxes, etc, as well as general coin for the good of the population
For the Spring Season, here are Stragosa’s prices (updated Seasonally)-
Item Purchase Price Sell Price Privileged Sell Price
Soft Iron: 1c 4c 3c
Soft Wood 1c 3c 2c
Scrap Leather 1c 6c 5c
Vegetables 1c 4c 3c
Hemp 1c 3c 2c
Hard Iron 3c 10c 6c
Hard Wood 3c 14c 12c
Heavy Leather 3c 12c 10c
Meat 2c 10c 8c
Wool 3c 10c 8c
Iron Beams 8c 12c 10c
Stone Slabs 8c 16c 12c
Leather Bundles 8c 20c 16c
Canvas 8c 19c 15c
Lumber 6c 12c 10c
City Lots (Desired) 450c 350c
City Lots (General) 600c 500c

The city is making an effort to not carry a stock of raw or finished goods as we do not wish to compete with the Guilds whose monopolies they control.

For those kind folks who have listened, thank you. As always, if you have questions I am but a humble servant awaiting your every whim.

Master of Coin; Bakara.