To Victor

To the smith, Victor Siggurson

I think any disagreement respectful when a new insight or novel reasoning is presented for consideration. The counsel of the wise is respected within our family and all the North. Fear not error for mistakes can be amended. You served us in the struggle to push back the walking dead that followed us home from attempting to bury the soldiers in the charnel fields. The community came together to bury the dead and again to put them to rest. Thank you for your assistance. You are forgiven for any error or trespass and the debt is paid in full. No obligations between us for the past shall carry forward. We’re here to provide you the support you need to fulfill your purpose in Runeheim and you may come to us. Let me know how you think you can best be helped. In my view, all of the Peers are here devoted to the success of this community and its members. In clearing up matters, it seems that you suspect I have spoken some words that you want clarified or believe do you personal harm. I do not recall speaking against your name recently nor did I call you out at Convocation. Since I’m not afraid of admitting if I spoke hastily, you are invited to quote my words back to me. If I consider those words misrepresenting myself I will admit it directly and if there is no misunderstanding I will clarify. We are known to keep our promises.

Regards, Wrex

Renown: Lord Wrex

Wrex’s reputation followed him to Runeheim as he arrived and made himself known to Court. Those in the know or those able to get rumors from abroad hear tales of their fearsome adherence to the fellowship of all Njords. Wrex prefers to leave his opponents alive with a permanent scar, a blemish from any injury inflicted even once it heals. Thus, they leave a reminder of Wrex’s ferocity and unwillingness to bend. Rumormongers speculate whether he uses a special blade whose wounds heal imperfectly or do they twist the edge just right upon striking to leave a jagged slash.