Lady Vera Septwood

Vera Septwood (holy name: Valeria), Born Lion Age 582
3rd child, 2nd daughter of Lord Klaus Septwood, Lord of Zeestadt, and his wife, Lady Ursula.

Elias (heir of House Septwood), Born Lion Age 577
Lilli, Born Lion age 579
Cord, Born Lion age 584
Hans (soon to be anointed as Father Cornelius), Born Lion Age 587

Vera is known to be kind of heart, but with an adventurous spirit unbefitting a Gothic Lady. There have been reports of misconduct at court, rumours of unsavory friendships, and it is said that there were many sightings of her sneaking out of the Salt Keep in Zeestadt unattended as a child.
Currently there are no bids for her hand in marriage, as her elder sister is yet unmarried. She is residing in Stragosa per her father’s allowance and is expected to remain there until a bid for her hand is made or her family calls her home.