In Pursuit of Knowledge

Scraps of paper, crumpled and torn from being hastily shoved into a bag littered the cabin floor. Drawings of malefic entities and runic scribbles dominate their content. Each one without specific purpose, made in haste for the sake of knowledge.

She shivered, pulling her coat more tightly around her shoulders. The frosts had come, hinting at the harsh winter quickly settling into the hills surrounding Runeheim. Once the snows started, there would be no leaving the city proper without some serious planning.

It was frustrating, trying to make sense of the recent events revolving around the Great Menhir. Why now? The war in this region has been ongoing for ages and the Old Gods had never been this active. She needed answers.

The memory of steaming blood in the snow was an unsettling reminder that sacrifice was not without benefit. There was a deep thrill whispering those words in the dark, not knowing who would answer or if anyone was even listening.

A sharp contrast to convocation and the shining light Solace so freely offers in her daily blessings. She also knew about sacrifice. The bloody price of lives lost in pursuit of unification and hope. Has Mithriel had a guiding hand in all this, or simply an observer unwilling to provide answers to her silent cries. What knowledge had been gained from her sacrifice?

A Bitter Truth

“There are two wolves. Faithfully borne from the same mother and destined to different paths. One seeks justice from the divine and the other strength from sacrifice.”

Her pen hovered briefly, splattering drops of ink onto the table as she tossed it aside
Didn’t they know? Didn’t they know anything? Frustrated tears ran down her face. She had nearly died, and for what.

It had been idealistic to think the Rimelanders would welcome knowledge about themselves, about their clans and traditions. Is that not what our purpose is as Runespeakers? To help remember what’s been lost. Not to be called useless, pointless, ……weak.

She shook her head, wincing at the sudden bout of dizziness. If it had been so easy to take her out in the open, under the protection of the church….she wondered if her faith had been misplaced, and if she should seek safety in strength elsewhere.

A Light in the Dark

Whispers permeate the gloom….

“What does it do?”

” We have a general idea.”

“Let’s find out….”

A match is struck in the dark.