Forest of Spires

(Rogalian language, crisp block letters)

Professor Kurz,

I hope this missive finds you and your family in good health. When we spoke of there being more to accomplish with numbers, parchment and wood than just digging entrenchments and building catapults, I had only the faintest inkling of where to begin. My service to Graf Trakt has brought me now to the home of the Miracle itself:

Stragosa is a beautiful city springing up from old ruins. We shall build a forest of spires on this land. The city may never appreciate the training you provided me at the College, but they will see our pride in every clerestory, arch, buttress and finial.

My current project, a monastery, has demanded its toll on my nerves already. The men were restive during framing, unable to appreciate idle moments. How I miss soldiers, who knew the value of a timely nap. Just as you taught us, the tallest structures cannot be built without proper timing- each floor must be measured, cut, erected, re-measured and reinforced before another can surpass it. Three times I had to call the foremen to a halt while such measurements were taken and compared to the plans! I truly understand now how doing otherwise risks the entire enterprise. This building is only a beginning of course, but I invite you to one day see the work you have inspired.

Truly, the future of mankind will be purchased, designed and built. I am just thankful that my hands can be a part of that glorious tomorrow.

Cras autem aedificii,

– Marcellus