Feudalism – Under Construction

The content for this page is coming soon!

Rules for city management are under construction, but here’s what we know (or think) so far:

City official positions will exist including Ruler, Seneschal, Marshal, Master of Coin, and Spymaster.  Perhaps others.

City Virtues and Vices will exist- which I’ll collectively refer to here as attributes for ease. Each will be rated 1 to 5.  Raising these attributes will require gaining points toward a threshold, measured separately for each. Once you hit a threshold, the Virtue or Vice will increase to a new level.

Virtues and Vices will have different effects at each threshold for each individual attribute.  Often these will include access to new buildings with their own effects or downtime options, new accessible abilities for city officials, or narrative events after maintaining the threshold for a period of time.  Events are usually positive for Virtues- such as a diplomatic summit with exciting opportunities for Relations, but are negative for Vices- such as a disease outbreak for Filth.

Points toward thresholds come from buildings, plots and choices presented by current events and NPCs- usually made by the city officials during Court.